From Our Customers in Austin and Westlake

Kim's Cleaners is excellent on all fronts! Everyone is so nice and professional and Dylan always takes extra good care of me. I recommend Kim's to anyone who will listen!

Julie Westervelt - Austin, TX

Customer for years

Best in town!

Ron Oliveira - Austin, TX

Customer for 10+ years

Kim's Cleaners is consistent and unequaled in every way!!!! This is the one business that we know of where you can always count on superior service - with a smile! - Exceptional efficiency in every single way and, most importantly for what you're going there for…. NO ONE… ANYWHERE… can make your clothes look as impeccable as Kim's Cleaners can! Seriously, items that we thought were surely bound for the trash bin have been made to look as good as new! Definitely the only place to take your whites! No one or no place is perfect… but this is one business where you can be assured that if it's not - they will do everything in their power to make it that way! You've got the VERY BEST TEAM on earth! I am so thankful for them all!

Courtney Saxton - Austin, TX

Customer for almost 15 years

Best dry cleaner I've ever used.

Lisa McEntire - Austin, TX

Customer for 5 or 6 years

Nothing ever lost or ruined - best cleaners!

Tyra Peterson - Austin, TX

Customer for 20+ years

Kim's Cleaners is the very BEST at everything!\

Vicki West - Austin, TX

Customer for 20 years

Excellent grade on everything and you've never lost any of my clothes!

Amy Campbell - Austin, TX

Customer for 25 years

Two years ago I moved from Westlake to Austin but I still drive over to Kim's because I like the people who work here so much and I know the cleaning will be done well and on time.

Debbie Willson - Austin, TX

Customer for 15 years

I have loved the personal service of your employees for many years. Helpful - always courteous, etc.

Jane Hammond - Austin, TX

Customer since 1981

Your cleaning service is great- your people are even better. Thanks!

Sue Cullen - Austin, TX

Customer for 8 years

Our Family has been very pleased with the professional and kind service we have received at Kim's for over 30 years.

Rudy R. Robinson III & Judy Robinson - Austin, TX

Customers for over 30 years

I appreciate you all - What a pleasure to come in every day!

Judy Covert - Austin, TX

Customer for "a long time"